Packing It All In

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind, and it shows no signs of stopping! I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up: case in point, I'm in the middle of packing for a week+ long trip to LA and I was supposed to head out almost an hour ago. So why am I taking time to write a blog post? Because I need to take a moment and calm down, de-stress, and be okay with my imperfect, perfectionist self.

I wanted to post about my amazing experience putting on my first runway show at RAW Sacramento featuring my jewelry line, {tula in bloom}. I still haven't even had a chance to journal about it and reflect on the events and lessons learned, but I did post the photos. This event has continued to provide benefit in the contacts I've made, including with an amazing photographer, Elle Jaye, leading us to collaborate for a photo shoot:

Chain-wrapped Sea Glass and Rose Quartz Statement Necklace available at

Now I'm heading to LA for the Society of Children's Book Writing and Illustration (SCBWI) Summer Conference, which begins August 2. I decided to go a week early to visit friends and take advantage of the opportunity to sell {tula in bloom} in a new area. Tomorrow I will host a trunk sale for close friends, and Sunday I plan to attend the Melrose Trading Post flea market to try my luck with the LA Sunday brunch crowd.  It's an ambitious undertaking and I'm just trying to get my head together long enough to make sure I don't forget to pack anything important. I look forward to the middle of the week when I'll have a little bit of space to relax and prepare for the conference. I would love to get back into the children's book writing and illustrating process, and I hope this conference will help me do that, but I will try not to attach myself to any expected outcome.

Okay, enough of my meandering yarn. Back to packing.