Returning to my True Love

It's been a very long time since my last post.  At first I would have those smack-myself-upside-the-head moments whenever I remembered that I needed to update my blog.   Then I would get those guilty pangs every so often, realizing how long it's been since the last post.  Finally, I had that throw-up-my-hands-in-exasperation-I-give-up moment when I knew that it was waaay too long since I've posted.  And now I'm writing -- without any intent to provide a full update on the last 4 months, because if I did, it would take forever, bore me to write it and you to read it, and I wouldn't be motivated to post again for another 4-6 months.  So I will just say that I'm glad to be writing again.  I took a detour -- albeit for very good reasons, but still a detour -- from my original focus of children's book writing and illustrating, but I'm getting back on the path. I've registered for the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) North/Central Illustrator's Day in May, where I'll get to listen and speak to working illustrators and writers, and meet an editor/art director from Disney Hyperion Books for Children.  I plan to attend the SCBWI Annual Conference in August in Los Angeles, where I'll get to learn and network even more, maybe find an agent??? And in the meantime, in addition to finding a job to pay the bills, I will be sending Caia in Bloom on a second round of submissions (no bites on the first go, but neither surprised nor discouraged), finishing the color illustrations in case I decide to go the self-publishing route (highly likely), working on my second story (to be revealed soon), and practicing my painting/drawing skills in new mediums (acrylic, pastel, charcoal, etc).  These last 4 months have been busy and rewarding (see for an example of how rewarding), and I will continue be involved in these great pursuits, but I'm so happy to return to my true love.