Continuing the Work

The book writing process is picking up. I'm working on it everyday now; the final draft of the manuscript is finally done, and I'm revising the illustrations in preparation of creating a dummy (a loose mock up of a book showing placement of text and artwork).  I'm attending my last book writing workshop this Saturday, and I'm supposed to have the dummy and a cover letter ready, along with 3 publishers whom I've identified as best suited to submit my book.  It's exciting and scary, and there are times when I feel like I don't have a clue what I'm doing.  But I have to trust in myself and know that this isn't some big mystery to figure out -- there is a process, and if I do the work, I can complete it.  While I hope getting published will be the end result of the process, I will be very proud of myself for just having gone though it.

This workshop has helped me so much in creating something that I can realistically send out for consideration.  Just the drawings alone have improved so much, and I've started working on color samples, though I'm still a bit hesitant about my painting skills.  My motto now is "at the very least, try," so that's what I'm doing.  Here's my first attempt (not finished):

My instructor gave some good suggestions for improvement, so once completed I'll re-paint it on the really expensive watercolor paper she also suggested to use (yay for 2-for-1 sales at Michael's!).

This week I also started my online jewelry store on Etsy, called -- you guessed it -- Tula in Bloom.  So far I only have a couple of rings posted; I had planned to post 4-5 daily this week, but the hours seem to run away from me.  I had a little photo shoot a couple of days ago for almost all the pieces I plan to sell while almost melting in a puddle from the hot, hot, HOT sun -- I have a new found respect for professional photographers, by the way.  I just have to price them and add descriptions, and they'll be ready to post!  Here's a sample: 

Looking forward to getting all the ideas in my head out into the world...all it takes is some courage.