Back to Work... ;)

Back in Sacramento and back into work mode after a lovely trip to LA to witness one of my favorite couples get married (congats Janice + Dave!).  Any wedding that has the USC Marching Band perform at the reception gets rave reviews from me. ;)

I also got a chance to finally check out the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA.  If seeing the genius that is Tim Burton's collection doesn't get my creative juices flowing, I don't know what will. I sneaked a couple of shots of his actual work, but as I'd rather not be sued, I'll just post a fuzzy pic of me in front of the entrance:

At the moment, I'm further developing my book project.  I'm on the third draft of the text, and making changes to the illustration outline before getting the drawings ready for painting.  At this point, I'm really in uncharted territory; in my last class, my instructor went over the steps of creating full scale color illustrations, and I now have a new list of art supplies I need to get, including tracing paper and really expensive watercolor paper.  Goodness... I think I'm going to try to get a job at an art supply store just for the 20% discount.  But I'm so happy with how the drawings are turning out.  Here's a sample: 

I'm really optimistic about this book. Whether I'm "successful" or not at this, just the process of acting on my passions is so fulfilling. I'm completely engaged - working in coffee shops until closing time, even pulling an all nighter (which I realize I'm now too old to do).  Doing what you love is awesome, but I also need a paying job, so the search continues next week...