So Many Things...Focus on One

I am a horrible blogger.  Or maybe I'm just terrible with commitments.  Or perhaps there's just been so much going on that I haven't had time to sit and think about it all, let alone write about it.  Instead of recounting every single thing that's happened in the last 3 weeks or so,  I'm just going to discuss one of the top 3 things on my mind right now, which is my children's story.

I started a writing workshop last Saturday and realized that much more lies ahead before I can submit my story for publishing.  Not just the illustrations - which I revised in outline form and determined that there would be 22 of - but the actual text of the story, which must be cut down and simplified to hit the right target audience (7-8 year olds).  I know the worst thing a writer can do is to become too attached to her story, and I knew going in that I would have to edit it, but I couldn't help but feel a little distressed when I saw a huge line struck across the front of my first page.  When I was told to cut down the action sequence to 2-3 paragraphs - basically the meat of the story - I'll admit I balked a bit.  And at the suggestion that I change the names of my main characters, I shut down.  Oh sure, I smiled and nodded, but inside I was thinking, "Oh, HELL NO!"

I have two weeks to develop a second draft to my story, and honestly I'm not sure the thing that makes it so great (at least to me) will still be there after I edit.  I guess that's why I haven't started editing yet.  When I originally wrote the story, I literally felt the presence of inspiration; so much so that I took a moment to thank out loud whomever was sitting on my right shoulder or hovering behind me (I sensed the presence on my right side for some reason), whispering the words to me, unfurling the scenes in my head.  It could have been the whiskey and ginger ale I was sipping, but I doubt it.  Am I going to get that feeling back once I start hacking away at the text?  Am I going to get it back when I try to write more stories?  I tried working on another project a couple of months back, and while the idea was cute, the story wasn't laid out for me like this one was.  It sucks wondering if you'll ever be inspired again.  I guess I need to continue my creative affirmations:

  • I am highly creative and love expressing my creativity.
  • There are an unlimited number of excellent ideas in my subconscious mind right now.
  • I trust my ideas and act on them quickly.

And I'll add one more: my story is awesome and will continue to be awesome no matter what. = D

You can use the affirmations, too, if you'd like - I'm pretty sure they apply to everyone. ;)