A Poem

I recently edited a poem I wrote a while back.  Once every so often, the beginning of a limerick would play in my head -  just a couple of lines.  I'm not even sure if it's real, but if it is, it's a naughty rhyme, maybe something I heard on the playground as a kid.  All I could recall is "Under the magnolia tree, that's where she showed it to me..."  Sounds terrible, I know.  I haven't tried looking it up.  Anyway, I decided to make a different kind of poem based on the start of that limerick.

Magnolia Tree
Omonivie Okhade
Under the magnolia tree
Where he sang to me
Songs of sweet
Lies and flattery
Parched from the want of it
I continued to sit
Under his spell,
His gaze
His touch
Left me dazed.
Not knowing, not seeing,
Both eyes shut
His lies were my lies
My heart was cut
In halves, in fourths, in eighths
Scattered and hidden
Amongst fallen leaves
Under the magnolia tree. 

Totally different tone, I know.  ;)