Writing Workshop

Tomorrow morning I'm attending an introductory writing workshop.  I signed up for it weeks ago through meetup.com during one of my spurts of productive energy.  I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't looked it up since then, so I'm not sure what I'm in for tomorrow.  I received an email from the group leader today, welcoming me and letting me know that it'll be a decent-sized group attending the workshop.  It was supposed to make me feel better, since according to the group RSVP list, I am the only one attending besides the group leader.  Instead, I felt a little nervous at the idea of exposing myself creatively to 6+ strangers.  I thought writing this week's blog entry would help, but I find myself thinking regretfully how I won't be able to sleep in tomorrow.  Interestingly enough, today's horoscope (yes, I read my horoscope!) applies well to this situation:

"You may feel like you want to be in a more laid-back mode now, but you have the ability to work up some energy and rise to the challenge as you face a series of opportunities that come your way...If you face upcoming events with courage and determination, you will begin to transform your life in wonderful ways."

One of the things that did give me some energy today was thinking about planning the illustration to a children's story I wrote late last year.  My mind was already developing which story scenes would have illustrations and how they would be blocked.  I believe it gave me the energy I needed to go through a lengthy application process for a job I found online almost immediately upon sitting down at the coffee shop this afternoon. So maybe I'm not so laid-back after all - kudos to me. ;)