Follow Up

So to follow up from my last entry: I did attend the writing workshop last Wednesday.  I still had my reservations as I mentioned last week, which translated to literally slowing me down and being about 10 minutes late...whoops.  I didn't chicken out completely, though, so that was good.  The workshop followed a specific format, which included the rule that we were only allowed to provide positive feedback to each other on the pieces we wrote.  It made sense in that it was too early in the writing process to criticize, but I guess I'm so used to critical feedback that I tend to take it more seriously.  Pretty messed up, haha.

For this introductory session, we were asked to write based upon a prompt that started: "I remember the sound." Here's an excerpt of what I wrote:

"I remember the sound my piano teacher made as she played -- she had these long press-on nails that clicked with each key: click, click. I thought at the time that that was how the piano was supposed to be played.  I myself was a nail-biter, rarely allowing my nails to grow long enough to see the white tips before gnawing them down into their place. So instead, I would curve my fingers unnaturally over the keys, forcing them to make contact with my ragged nubs to approximate some semblance to the click-click of my piano teacher's playing."

I thought it wasn't a bad start to a 20-minute exercise.  And besides my journaling (and blogging), it was only the second creative piece I'd written in the last few months, so obviously I need to participate in a writing group.  This particular one, however, I might have to pass on.  I'm sure I can find another supportive writing environment that doesn't cost $80 for 4 sessions.

On a related subject, I drafted an illustration plan for my children's story today.  It looks like there will be 15 illustrations.  I want to do the project in watercolor, so besides doing some research to get a better idea of what I want the characters and settings to look like, I'll need to sign up for a watercolor class.  I'm stating this calmly as my mind is quietly rioting against me: Too many new things! Fear of failure!  Luckily I have a friend going through an eerily similar situation who I can talk to for support.  We had a great conversation today that helped me feel a little less isolated.  I continually have to remind myself that I'm on no one's schedule; I'm not behind, I'm not off track.  I'm going to have those days where it's two steps forward, one step (or three) back, and that's okay.  As long as I keep walking.