Photo by Joel Dockendorf

Photo by Joel Dockendorf

What does your authentic self look like? Is she exactly as you are now, and if so, how are you celebrating her? 

My name is Omonivie Okhade (pronounced AH-MOE-NEE-VEE-AY AH-KAH-DAY) and I make jewelry for women who want to own the beauty of their authentic selves. My authentic self is always learning. She creates and is inspired often, and shows courage by sharing her creativity with others, even if it’s simply by wearing something distinctive that defines her point of view. She especially needs to embody that authentic self when life gets busy and complicated, and her adornments act as physical reminders to help her do so with confidence.

For five years, I’ve designed and created pieces using traditional metalworking techniques, skills in repurposing and redesign along with a unique aesthetic that expresses individuality, confidence and independence from convention. Inspired by modern art, nature, and movement, tula in bloom’s minimally structured jewelry invites conversation and connection through self expression.

tula in bloom’s tagline, find what makes you bloom, is a call to discover your passion: what brings you joy and is an integral part of what makes you, you. Jewelry is an expression of love, and tula in bloom serves as a reminder to embrace your authentic self and encourages you to become and remain engaged with what brings you joy.



tula in bloom jewelry is joyfully handmade in Sacramento, CA.


For a better idea of how I value authenticity in my life and work, check out the video clip below. 

Creativity + Perfection talk presented 4.19.2017 for Creativity + artist talk series. Also featuring Brantley Payne of Un/common Agency. Produced and edited by KJ2 Productions